Which are the Awesome Adventure Vehicles under $20,000?

November 11, 2019/Car Dealership Sales

Sure, you can get an adventure truck or SUV for way less than $20,000 with reliability,  so we can say these are most reliable, it may be used cars or the new ones, as we talked about the top 3 Awesome Adventure Vehicles Under $10,000. But if you have a bit more money you can step up to the next level of adventure mobile awesome.

The following list comprises used vehicles that can seat at least four, have room to sleep, and a drivetrain that can power all four wheels. This mix enables you to have your companions along for the experience and convey bunches of rigging.

It also allows a place to lay your head, travel through varied weather conditions, and tackle most terrain that you’re likely to encounter.

Let’s have a look at what $20,000 can buy. You might be surprised at some of the options.

Volvo XC70 (2009-2013):-


The XC70 T6 AWD, also known as cross country, offers a refined on-road ride, impressive ground clearance, and lots of cargo capacity. Plus, it has Volvo’s renowned safety features and a quality luxury interior. 


You can snag a 2013 full-featured T6 AWD XC70 for under $20,000, with around 90,000 miles on the clock.

The Good:

The T6 300-hp inline-6 turbocharged engine offers plenty of power for your adventures, and about 21 MPG.

The Bad:

Reliability isn’t bad, but when things do go wrong, parts and labor aren’t cheap.

Why XC70?

The Volvo XC70 (cross country) is an adventure vehicle that is fun and easy to drive every day. But it still offers enough capability to get you to most adventure destinations in any weather.


Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser (2004-2007):-

The Land Cruiser is credibly the most sought-after off-road vehicle in the world. It offers amazing capability, reliability, and durability. Because of that, it also has great resale value, meaning you have to go back a full 10 years to get a quality example under $20,000.


You should be able to find a decent 2007 model under $20,000, but most will have well over 100,000 miles on the odometer.

The Good:

Go anywhere your heart desires with full-time 4WD and a standard center-locking differential.

The Bad:

It’s under the hood offers plenty of torque, but its engine consume more fuel and not that powerful. The third-row seats need to be removed to get the most out of the cargo area.

Why LC100?

If you want a capable and dependable vehicle that will hold its value, look no further than the Land Cruiser.


Land Rover LR4 (2010-2015):-

Someone else swallowed the HUGE depreciation on the LR4 already. These vehicles were available at $50,000+ new, so now is the time to snag a bargain on this capable luxury SUV. The V8 HSE model is what you want, as it provides more power and nearly the same MPG as the V6 with more luxury features than the SE. 


Nowadays, lots of quality examples are available, with around 100,000 miles, for just under $20,000. 

The Good:

The interior is cavernous and the seats fold completely flat, making for a great place to sleep and/or store your gear. The terrain response system makes this vehicle extremely capable off-road, even if you have little driving experience beyond the pavement. 

The Bad:

Spotty reliability and expensive to repair. Oh, and you also have to feed this beast premium gasoline and can expect to only get around 14 MPG—if you’re lucky. 

Why LR4?

Come on, you get to drive a Land Rover! You also get a comfortable, refined ride anywhere you might want to venture, and an interior that can carry all your friends and your gear.

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