Automakers contribution in aid of Coronavirus Relief

Automakers contribution in aid of Coronavirus Relief

Coronavirus has completely devastated the world or millions of people are facing a hard time. The pandemic has led to shut down of automobile industry and vehicle sales which has led to huge loss in the economy. In the midst of chaos, the automobile industry has joined the hands to provide medical help by manufacturing masks, ventilators, CPAP machines, gowns, etc.

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA)

The automakers are providing face masks for health workers and first responders. They have also joined their hands with the non-profit organization to provide meals to children who are living in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio also they are planning to extend their program in Canada and Mexico.

Ford and General Electric Company

Ford and GE have started the production of 20,000 ventilators which majorly deals in transmission and other vehicle components. They have produced 50,000 ventilators per month in the 3months afterward 30,000 per month. Ford is working on providing air pressure without electricity for COVID-19 patients.

Ford is also making the face shields for hospitals and first responders in Michigan and New York City. They create 200,000 disposable shields every day also donated them to hospitals present in Colorado and Wisconsin.

General Motors

GM has started to manufacture the masks for health care facilities. They have delivered their first batch of 20,000 masks and the company has stated they will make 1.5 million masks each month once they’ll get all the pieces of equipment and pace up the ramp for production.

General Motors and Ventec

GM’s Indiana plant builds electric components and to create ventilators they’ve joined the hands with Ventec who manufacture ventilators. The partnership will benefit as 1000 workers of 10,000 ventilators per month. They will also supply the 30,000 ventilators to the federal government.


Mercedes AMG has collaborated with the University of London engineers and health care workers to manufacture the CPAP device for COVID-19 patients. This device eliminates the need for ventilators for patients and provides oxygen.


The luxurious sports car manufacture has turned their production house into the production for medical equipment. They are creating 1000 masks and 200 face shields every day.

Volkswagen and Faurecia

Volkswagen and Faurecia have joined their hands to provide face masks and gowns to medical workers at New York hospital and Javits Center. They have decided to create 50,000 gowns and millions of face masks per week for health care facilities.

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