Cars with Best Resale value!

Cars with Best Resale value!

As name implies the resale value is, how much your car will be worth when you sell it or trade it in? This value depends on a vast list of factors, some of which you have no control over.

Let’s discuss about top 6 cars that can deliver you best price in return.

Chevrolet Corvette:

Starting price: $47,245 – $55,585

The best thing of Corvette’s is, available in low price relative to anything approaching like its engine power, security features etc.It has highly performance along with an easy-to-drive manner. The way that the Corvette is offers a decent incentive as compare to another vehicle even as a used vehicle.

After 5-year Resale value: 50 percent*


Honda Civic Sedan:

Starting price:$15,645 – $21,925

The Civic offers Honda’s well-maintained reputation for reliability with crisp, engaging handling. Those features make it a sought-after used car. Its eye catching interior and road grip offers such a wonderful drive experience.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*


Infiniti G37:

Starting price:$34,965 – $36,265

The Infiniti G37’s combo of cutting-edge design, performance and luxury are expected to lead to strong demand in the used market. It offers a powerful cruise control over, heated light many attractive features.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*


Mini Cooper:

Starting price:$18,700 – $26,050

The Mini Cooper’s vaunted go-kart driving style and fun two-tone paint schemes have turned it into a long-term phenomenon. Empowered with 3- cylinder turbo and available in automatic transmission.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*

mini cooper

Toyota Corolla:

Starting price: $15,065 – $19,200

The Corolla is Toyota’s bread-and-butter economy car.

“With regards to picking a ‘safe buy’ there may be no vehicle more deserving of the title than the Toyota Corolla.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*

toyota car

Volkswagen Jetta:

Starting price: $17,630 $23,465

Despite Volkswagen’s spotty reputation for reliability – its cars hold their value well.

At base, Volkswagen is just the most reasonable brand you can get in this nation. Also, it has a bad-to-the-bone of fans who love the way VW’s look and perform.

After 5-year Resale value: 51 percent*

VW jetta car

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