Cars with Best Resale value!

January 10, 2020/Car Dealership Sales

As name implies the resale value is, how much your car will be worth when you sell it or trade it in? This value depends on a vast list of factors, some of which you have no control over.

Let’s discuss about top 6 cars that can deliver you best price in return.

Chevrolet Corvette:

Starting price: $47,245 – $55,585

The best thing of Corvette’s is, available in low price relative to anything approaching like its engine power, security features etc.It has highly performance along with an easy-to-drive manner. The way that the Corvette is offers a decent incentive as compare to another vehicle even as a used vehicle.

After 5-year Resale value: 50 percent*


Honda Civic Sedan:

Starting price:$15,645 – $21,925

The Civic offers Honda’s well-maintained reputation for reliability with crisp, engaging handling. Those features make it a sought-after used car. Its eye catching interior and road grip offers such a wonderful drive experience.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*


Infiniti G37:

Starting price:$34,965 – $36,265

The Infiniti G37’s combo of cutting-edge design, performance and luxury are expected to lead to strong demand in the used market. It offers a powerful cruise control over, heated light many attractive features.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*


Mini Cooper:

Starting price:$18,700 – $26,050

The Mini Cooper’s vaunted go-kart driving style and fun two-tone paint schemes have turned it into a long-term phenomenon. Empowered with 3- cylinder turbo and available in automatic transmission.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*

mini cooper

Toyota Corolla:

Starting price: $15,065 – $19,200

The Corolla is Toyota’s bread-and-butter economy car.

“With regards to picking a ‘safe buy’ there may be no vehicle more deserving of the title than the Toyota Corolla.

After 5-year Resale value: 52 percent*

toyota car

Volkswagen Jetta:

Starting price: $17,630 $23,465

Despite Volkswagen’s spotty reputation for reliability – its cars hold their value well.

At base, Volkswagen is just the most reasonable brand you can get in this nation. Also, it has a bad-to-the-bone of fans who love the way VW’s look and perform.

After 5-year Resale value: 51 percent*

VW jetta car
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